Farewell Post or is it?

Well sadly it is the end of the semester which means I will no longer be doing this blog for a grade. Rather, I will be keeping up with it as much as possible and trying to stay active with it! I am totally open to suggestions on posts, and places to checkout so please give me ideas to continue this as I go on in my college career, and hopefully further!

While writing this blog, it showed me that connections really do help a lot! Many of the people I met along the way had been amazing! So many people I knew helped connect me to many of my subjects such as Nicole the athlete I did a profile on, Mike the personal trainer, Brian Gray from Pleasant Valley Fit, and also Monica from California who also has a fitness blog, and Matt Hendrickson who plays soccer.

The hardest part was probably trying to find topics to cover with free posts I had, sure I made the best of it but it was hard. I couldn’t find many subjects to interview for my free posts, but they always seemed to turn out great.

It was a great ride while the time lasted, but you have not heard the last of me on here! I will be back and I will be posting so look out for more information on fitness and personal health coming in the future!


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