Motivation Monday

Art by J. Howard Miller towards motivation (Photo/Wikipedia)

Motivation can be hard to come by when working out and trying to get in shape, The important thing to know is that motivation comes from many different places. Your motivation may be different than the person that is sitting right next to you now. Let’s take a look at some local people who workout and find out what keeps them motivated when working out.

Pat Knapp, 20, is a local from Sewell. When I asked him about what gives him motivation to workout he said, “The drive to be a better person each day in all aspects.” Which if you really think about it is a great way to approach it, working out helps clear many peoples minds and works as a stress reliever. Pat talks about keeping his motivation by saying, “Helping others grow and reaffirming my personal short and long term goals.” As talked about in my earlier post, focusing on setting a goal can also strike motivation beaus of a never ending need to be a better person.

Brooke Ellsworth, 19, from Mullica Hill, had a little more motivation due to injury. She has suffered a multitude of ACL injures over the last year which has required a lot of training and physically therapy to rebuild the strength she needs. “What keeps me motivated is knowing that I’m always improving and getting stronger. After 4 knee surgeries and not being at my best for the past two years I want to get stronger.” Brooke said. It hit her harder knowing that, “The fact I had to sit on the sidelines of all my activities for so long makes me appreciate being able to go to the gym and see progress in my body.” Injuries may be bad in the beginning, but working yourself back up from the bottom gives you a new starting point. Things can only go up with hard work, and dedication. Hopefully preventing another injury in the future.

Christian Scheitele, 46, had another perspective to add, “1st of all, health. Then appearance and desire to slow aging and build a muscular physique, and reduce body fat.” Of course no one can slow down aging, but staying healthy is a great way to look and feel younger. Motivation comes from wanting to look the best you possibly can at all times. It almost becomes an addiction, as Christian mentions, “the addiction of seeing my body improve and my strength increase.” It really can become an addiction, because once results are seen, you want more, and more change for the better.

Cole Goodman, 19, from Sewell, touched on a few of the same points as Christian did. Cole restated, “Essentially my motivation comes from wanting to look better physically, feeling good makes you more confident.” Confidence is key, bot to get confused with cockiness though. There is a very big difference between being cocky and being confident, one is for the better, and the other is for the show off. Cole also added, “I personally LOVE to workout, feeling as though that love makes me want to workout.” Love for working out is like a love for a hobby or a sport. It almost never goes away and even if you walk away for a little once you come back, that love will always be there.

As we can see, motivation comes from all over the grid. It is not from one specific place and there is no set in stone way someone can make you be motived. Motivation comes from inside, and can only be achieved by the one looking for it. Stay focused, stay humble, and stay motivated. Keep up the great work and results can only keep coming!


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