Pure Core Fitness Trainer Mike Mangino Talks on Personal Training

Mike Mangino’s football picture (Photo/Mike Mangino)

Woodbury Heights in New Jersey is a prime place to look when talking about fitness. Specifically, a smaller gym called Giant Fitness, located off of route 45, is a great place to get in shape! Giant Fitness is a smaller gym with great equipment, a great staff, and a great team of personal trainers.

Giant Fitness does not have trainers specific to Giant Fitness. They are outsourced by a company called Pure Core Personal Training. This is a large group of people who specialize in training, nutrition, and helping others. The same few people work at this Giant Fitness, and create a great bond with both their clients and the “regulars” at the gym. They are great with approaching people and learning about all of their interests in fitness.

Mike Mangino, a trainer at Giant Fitness in Woodbury Heights, played football in college and got a degree health and exercise science. He is a prime target for people who want to get into shape or even get a few pointers. He is a very knowledgable person, and aims to help each individual person reach their fitness goals. Let’s take a listen to what Pure Core Personal Training is, and what their motivation is with helping others.


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