Profile of California Fitness Blogger Monica Marie Nicanor

Monica Marie Nicanor, 23, poses for a picture with a beautiful California background. Photo/Monica Marie Nicanor

Monica Marie Nicanor is a fitness blogger out of Orange County California.  She is currently 23 years old and runs the blog called “Live for the Day” that focuses on fitness, health, relationships and all around well being, very similar to my blog. She had reached out and liked one of my first posts when I began blogging, and during my research was looking at her blog and grew a huge interest in what she was posting about. One day, I reached out to her through email to get some more information about herself, and her blog, a few days later she replied!

Her blog opened up in February of 2016 as a way to express herself creatively, with the hope of helping others through fitness. She recently started a post called the “28 days to loving your body” which focuses on more than fitness, and looking at the body both inside and out. When I had reached out she told me to give it a look, and it was amazing the type of content she was creating about focusing on more than working out to better yourself.

She has come across many struggles along the way of making her blog and trying to post on it consistently. One of the many struggles she encounters, is finding the time to post on a continual basis. Although she finds it tough to post, she believes it gives her great experience. She feels as though it makes her a better writer and reader as a whole. She likes posting because it gives her knowledge on what people relate to the best.

Blogging can be very exciting, and with the excitement of blogging, comes the feed back of others, like myself on her blog. We had been emailing back and forth about our blogs for a few weeks now, and have given each other much support to keep blogging and follow through on what we believe in. She gave me some great advice about blogging, “Just write, be consistent, stay motivated and don’t worry about what you can’t do. Focus on what you can.  Being confident in yourself and abilities will go far as well.” This is great advice to anyone who wants to blog, and also towards staying in shape. Motivation always drives people to extreme lengths and keeps pushing forward!

Monica has great drive and ambition. She currently works five days a week and still manages to maintain her blog on the side! She will continue to post in the future, as well as helping people who reach out to her. Feel free to check out her blog and give her feedback!


One thought on “Profile of California Fitness Blogger Monica Marie Nicanor

  1. Thank you for this Jaryd! It was a pleasure getting to know you and taking to you. It my greatest pleasure to be able to write about things that matter, inspire, or raise awareness. Thanks again for taking the time to write this. You did a great job in writing this so eloquently! I love it.
    I look forward to seeing more of your writing and staying in contact with you!


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