Dance Classes Take it Above and Beyond

On Saturday morning March 11th, at 8:00 am, I had the pleasure of being allowed to come in and photograph a dance class for adults. Walking in I had no idea what to expect or what I was even going to get out of it. Casa Dance Studio, in Woodbury Heights offers an array of dance classes for any age, ranging from toddler, all the way up to the adult classes. On this particular Saturday morning, Meggan Hunter was conducting a dance class for seven women, the class was called Groove with Meggan.

When I walked in, it was a smaller place, just small enough for everyone to feel comfortable and free with how they danced. Although I didn’t join in, I felt comfortable and not too crammed, not too much space, it was just right. Once the class started, it was just about an hour long, which included a warmup, a cardio/ab workout, and also a small amount of choreography at the end to a dance they had been working on.

Speaking with these women afterwards, it was truly inspiring. I realized that this was more than just a dance class, this was almost like a therapy session for these women, it was their escape from reality and the stresses that everyday life puts on them. When I left the building, I felt completely different than when I walked in, it gave me a different perspective and understanding to why this meant so much to them.

As I get into the photos of this assignment, I want everyone to realize that even though there are only women pictured, this class is open to everyone. All of the members and the instructor made sure to mention that it is a judgement free zone. It is also open to all ages and genders, and at no point will there be any type of judging. Feel free to contact the instructor, Meggan Hunter and reaching out to find out more about dance classes and different ways it can benefit you both mentally and physically!



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