Question and Answer Session with Personal Trainer/Athlete Nicole Figueroa

Nicole Figueroa, an athlete/personal trainer, poses for a picture outdoors. Photo credit:
Nicole Figueroa, an athlete/personal trainer, poses for a picture outdoors. Photo credit: Nicole Figueroa

Nicole Figueroa is a South Jersey Native, and Clearview Regional High School Graduate. She has spent just about the last year as a personal trainer, currently at Wenonah Fit Body Boot Camp part time, and working on her own start up for personal training, and also helping people create their own success stories. Nicole has been very successful with everything she does, from working on films, personal training, and advocating her voice on fitness through her social media accounts. It seems as though nothing can stop Nicole when she sets her mind to it.

Nicole has had tremendous success being only 21 years old, taking every opportunity she gets to better herself and others. Nicole started off, before she became a personal trainer, not having much knowledge about fitness. She started doing a lot of research on her own, going to the gym, and spectating others at the gym, and started to fall in love with it. Although Nicole is a personal trainer, she refers to herself as an athlete.

As we dive into the questions, we will hear about some of her success along the way, and what fitness means to Nicole. She has a very interesting story as to how she ended up where she is today, and it allows us to realize that nothing is impossible if we set our minds to it. If it were up to me and I had enough time, I would love to work out along side Nicole because of the drive and passion she has for bettering herself!

Q: What does fitness mean to you? 

A: Fitness means sanity to me. My schedule is extremely hectic and busy so when I get my “me” time at the gym, it brings me to a peaceful state of mind and that’s why it’s so special to me.

Q: How has fitness effected you life?

A: Fitness has effected my life in both physical and mental ways. I find myself more at ease, I don’t stress over anything really, and I love myself more and more each and everyday.

Q: How did you get into personal training and what motivated you to get into it? 

A: This is a funny question to me, I went to school in the heart of New York for performing arts. My teachers were always on us about our physical health/appearance so I was constantly running the streets of Manhattan. I didn’t own a gym membership until my second semester in school and when I got it, I had NO IDEA what anything was. So I would spectate a few people every single day, watch them do a move, write a note to myself in my phone and then proceed to do the move for myself to see where I felt it most. The more I kept doing this, the more I knew what I was doing. Friends from my school would come up to me and ask if I could train them and I told them sure. I didn’t take anything too serious though. Until approximately 3 months past and my one friend told me how much weight she lost and showed me a before an after picture. I think I was more shocked than her. So I started studying more and more and sooner than expected I received my certification.

Q: What motivates you to better yourself and others to be interested in fitness? 

A: My biggest motivation is my past. I was a borderline diabetic in high school and also at risk for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When I heard that I couldn’t believe it. I was always an athlete but after working at a fast food restaurant I knew I gained because I couldn’t keep up as much as I could before during soccer season. So I ran every single day for the whole rest of my junior year and fixed my diet. I had no idea what I was doing though. I only ate chicken and vegetables and I was always so tired. It wasn’t until later on that I learned I wasn’t fueling my body properly.

Q: What’s your favorite way to exercise? Whether it be a favorite workout, on your own, or with others? 

A: My favorite way to exercise is to have a buddy with me tackling the same workouts together. I love doing high intensity training. Whether it be cardio, or weight lifting, I get the biggest adrenaline when I sweat. And it’s even more powering to have that buddy with you for that extra push.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to get in shape but is struggling to do so? 

A: The biggest advice I would say; you gotta do it for YOU. You can’t do it for another person, you need to do it for YOU. This is YOUR life, and YOU’RE in control of it. Change to be a better YOU.

Nicole is open to taking in new clients, and helping them achieve their goals! She made sure to mention to feel free to contact her through her social media by searching Nicole Figueroa on Facebook, and Instagram. You can contact her through that, or even through email at

Don’t feel shy, fitness is about bettering yourself, and what a better time to start than now?!


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