Taking on the Stereotypes of Cardio

When people think of cardio, it’s easy to assume it is all about losing fat. Although, it does trim away fat, it also helps lower heart rate, and make for a healthier body.

The general assumption I hear a lot while at the gym, is that cardio is only for people that are over weight. This could not be anymore wrong. Cardio is a good workout for any body type, whether you are slim, athletic, built, or overweight.

There are many different types of cardio, for example, there’s the treadmill, the rowing machine, the bikes, the ellipticals, swimming, sports, etc. All of these types of cardio are good for the body and the mind, some may work better for others, but that’s why you need to try them and see what works for what you are trying to become.

A look at taking a run outside, Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons.

Running everyday has a lot of perks! Running also doesn’t need to be done stationary on a treadmill, it can be done indoors or outdoors. Treadmill running and outdoors running are similar in many aspects, but also have different outcomes.

Running on a treadmill is better for those that do not like running outside in the cold and can run inside at a gym, or at home. When it gets colder, for some people it becomes harder to breathe outside, so if this is you, pick the treadmill for those cold days and nights.

Running outside, is a good way to stay in shape also. Running outside allows for a whole world of adventure, you are not stuck in one place the entire time, and you can change where you run everyday if you really wanted to. Running outside can be done in hot or cold weather, it just depends on the person. Outdoors running can be harmful at times if the place you pick has a lot of uneven areas, it can increase the risk of injury but can also be good for the mind and be refreshing.

Cardio to me, is something I try to do a little bit of everyday, whether it’s a quick mile, or an entire day devoted to cardio. On days where I lift, I try to do at least a mile at the end of my workout to burn off the lactic acid I built up in my muscles during my workout. On days where I do strictly cardio, I try do more than just run. I will run in the beginning, followed by biking, and if I’m feeling good enough after that I will hop on the rowing machine for about 5 minutes. Hitting a little cardio from different angles to access more muscles.

Running will always cut away fat, that is a give-in. For athletic looks, it can help burn off that last bit of fat to make your abs show and pop more. For skinnier builds, it can be for distance running, or burning off the lactic acid but up in the workout. For people who are a little over weight, it can be the first steps to getting back into shape, and burning off the fat that won’t burn off during a normal lifting day.

As stated earlier, there isn’t a definitive answer as to who cardio is for, because it is good for anyone. Cardio plays a good role in the mental aspect of living, as well as physical benefits. People often use running as an escape and a way to get their mind off of certain tough situations that come up in life.

A health mind, leads to a healthy body!


2 thoughts on “Taking on the Stereotypes of Cardio

  1. Cardio plays a good role in the mental aspect of living, as well as physical benefits.

    Anyone who isn’t taking a bit of cardiovascular exercise is fooling themselves if they think it’s ‘not for them’. There is no one for whom exercise, of any kind, isn’t beneficial. Keep posting, keep America fit.

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